poniedziałek, 23 sierpnia 2010

Rozbijemy jarmark

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  1. I want to tell you why I'm still your blog. Not for photos, because photos that you have put on the blog are not what they expect of the photography. I follow them for yourself. Because you seem to me like people in a film by Andrzej Wajda. Please do not bother about this because you are very nice.

  2. Thank you for looking at our blog, Dano.
    We are not one person but a group of photo-enthusiasts who not allows to slip the life through our fingers.
    This is our backstage blog. Our photographs you can see here: www.ggfprecel.blogspot.com and also on many private sites of our members.
    Muchos saludos y hasta la vista :)

  3. For me, this chap with a cigarette in his mouth looks like Sylvester Stallone in the movie Cobra.

  4. kto wie, może Bolek dostanie jaki angaż...